IST Tasks.


sUse a range of study skills to support discussion of illustration and graphics, through its developments and current usage

Knowledge and Understanding

sRecognize key design movements and influences, relate learning gained in work practice and in taught sessions to the challenges encountered when responding to a work based creative brief


sDiscuss the difference between cultural inheritance and current creativity


sJustify your own work in relation to the cultural context of a specified target audience through the development and delivery of products, events, activities that use a range of appropriate communication techniques

Application / working with others

sWork as part of a team to meet identified common goals that require you to plan, design and produce appropriate communication techniques

Problem Solving

sIdentify the needs requiring solutions, suggest and evaluate creative ways of resolving problems and organize and implement realistic and achievable solutions



Utilize all the knowledge you have learned so far to create a wall chart illustrating –

‘The History of Visual Communication’

Work in teams to produce rough mock ups of the composition and design

Work out an effective way of illustrating the key milestones in history

Produce an effective outcome using a variety of media – An information graphic – examples;


Research – Reflect upon what influenced artists in the west and the east in the 19th Century.

Answer the questions below and illustrate where possible


Look at the work of Manet – Le Dejeuner sur L’Erbe – discuss why it was so shocking to the establishment.


Why is the painting such a historic milestone?


Who were the Impressionists? How did they establish?


What were Hokusai and Hiroshige using as subject matter in their images? Why was the work so popular with the people?


What subject matter did Honore Daumier focus on? Why did he go to prison?


What similarities are there between Daumier and the Japanese artists?






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