Illness, sets me back.

Still struggling with this bug I managed to give body too, I am exhausted even after a few hours of waking! I have battled now for 3 weeks and I am still wading through it, although the water is much shallower now!

I have fallen so far behind, in my mind, and need to refocus my efforts on the course. As much as my heart wants to get back on track, my body and brain appear to be having contrary feelings about the effort required!

Pulling my socks up this holiday will take every inch of determination I have, lucky I am a pretty determined person eh? lol.

First thing first, make my brain work , this week I will be collaborating with a local artist Stephanie Newman, this lovely artist is not only willing to take me under her wing, as it were, but also willing to put me forward as her new as Assistant Manager in the Primrose Hospice furniture store, which she manages and I volunteer in, I feel so overwhelmed – possibly because I am so emotionally unbalanced with this germ raging through me, ( or at least that will be my excuse, I think mostly I am just so bewildered that others want to have anything to do with my work or that they even see a talent in me?)

So here is Stephanies website where you can find her work and bio. below is a snippet I copied for ease from the website on 26/03/2016.


Hello Art Lovers! I’m a Slade School of Fine Art, University College of London Graduate… looking for exciting commissions and collaborations and general feedback of my work. please look through my work and let me know if i can be of any help to brighten up your home/workplace or interperate your favourite picture as a painting and or gift.


I mostly work in Acylics or mixed Media on canvas but will also work with Oils and on board. – Stephanie Newman.

I am really looking forward to getting back into some practical work, experimenting and being around another artist, having not been in college for the best part of 3 weeks, I am feeling fairly isolated from all things arty.

I will be experimenting, finally, with my sewing machine tomorrow, feeling for the first time in a while, that I am confident I am not too dozy to work the machine without sewing a finger :/ and I am fairly sure, a weeks worth of physical experimentation will allow time for my brain to start again and my written work to follow suit, in the back end of this holiday 🙂

For all my classmates who read this, I have missed you! I will be back with a vengence after the holidays, fully expecting hugs and lots of beautiful, wonderful works of art from all of you! 😀 Happy Spring break 🙂


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