Researching into Case studies.

Okay, so , as part of this module, we have to produce a case study showing how we organised, created, held and produced an event, ok simples? or not. Okay I have said it before, I am a long time out of education and given Amanda’s examples of case studies, I must admit they sort of whooshed right over my head …


Okay theoretically I get it, but I am still bewildered as to the lay out and wording – admittedly I just skimmed through and went ‘Gosh’ yeah….

Panicking a little I phoned a friend, Paul Stanford – My father actually who has not only set a shining example of how to get through higher education as a mature student, but done it with style and added the following collection of letters to his name : BSc(Hons) PgD MSc QTS (Maths) FRSA.

Now knowing I am a little out of my depth, with being absent and not getting the tutor feedback, support and guidance I should have, I call in a fit of confusion and ask what exactly a case study should look like and why I cannot get a word template to work!

Ever the resourceful person I expect him to be, he proceed to send me several more case studies he has in his possession, my father is a Teacher at present,  a poet at heart , and is well respected in his circles, he is on several mailing lists for arty farty things….

So I add a few more examples here, that he was kind enough to share with me, in case any one else wishes to look. The first one is obviously in need of translation but Google very politely offers this once the page has loaded 🙂

  1. The Davos of LUXE
  2. Exhibition Case Studies
  3. .Exhibition Strategy
  4. Exhibition and events case study.




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