Creating my Final Piece.

So after a whole heap of panic at the last minute, with having time off ill and feeling a little lost I finally found a thread of logic to follow. I am back to the beginning, using cave art, natural materials and crushed berries. I really needed to stop and rethink the whole situation, decide what I actually wanted to show and how.

It began with a conversation with Amanda truthfully, I am explaining I need to express that mathematics is the only universal language that nature dictates the laws of physics, that maths and science translate nature and that Space is Mans next conquest. I am advised to try perhaps producing cave art crushing berries etc and I think yeah and no.

I am still confused. I talk to Stephanie Newman, an artist friend who graduated from The Slade School and has been very supportive mentoring me. She suggested actually painting an horizon.

New horizons? Visual Communication? I borrowed a book about Visual Communication for 0-8 year olds, mostly out of curiosity as I have younger chldren within that age group, So know I am thinking – create a simple effective piece using natural ingredients as children would. Create something everyone can relate to on a level, off to preschool I go – I decided it would be a great idea to merge the  idea of painting with plants and create an horizon . well its original?

I wandered around my local area and picked a few random plants to test out. I tried crushing some in the pestle and mortar, to a disappointing end, its surprisingly hard to squish grass?? I even tried the blender, after spending 20 mintes picking grass out of the blades that was tangled, tough and really wedged in there – I gave up and just rubbed the plants directly onto the paper :

The first image in grass water , basically very subtly tinted – this was all i got from attempting to mush grass lol, the darker detail was added with holly berry, which gave a lovely brown. This image is a man searching for a new horizon, the next images, show layers of colour being added to create a vivid horizon view. I am especially pleased with these pieces, as I am finding a lot of joy in creating the image of nature with nature itself….From here on in I got inventive, I ordered a heap of natural cotton, hit the supermarket and brought home an array of fruits and vegetables.

Here I am trying to express the fractal patterns within nature, and space, I really want to explore the notion that nature directs the universe, learning, our future, that we are intending on moving to space very soon in the future, to attempt to terraform a part of Mars and make it somewhat habitable, that this really is our New Horizon and that nature itself is what will get us there,

Its not exactly what I am after, its really difficult to get solid deep colour, it always end up very washy and watercolour like, however hard I try with the flower petals! The fruit is proving far more effective but I decide to use the cotton I have bought and try that, being a more porous material I am hoping it absorbs more of the natural stain from the fruits:

Initially, I squished berries and other fruits into my sketchbook and then ‘printed’ them onto the fabric, I was happy with the base results, the imagery is very appealing to me, but still, the colours are lacking and its very biased towards the red and purple.. I am not getting any fruit or vegetable that can produce a healthy yellow or blue dye! at a loss, i go in search of natural food colouring, its edible, from natural sources, I am rolling with it!

Now I get all creative, go off on a tangent as I do so well, and make Mother Nature, Art Nouveaux style with wires and such :


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