Paint experiments.

Moving on from my string faces I wound up here.

I was seriously baffled as to how to glue the string down without losing the chaotic effect, now I tried again, a different picture, with wool…


I really liked the free flow form going on here, again, thinking how to attach the wool was taxing my very hard working brain….ahem, until I spoke to Marie! Spray paint she said, the cogs in my head started turning and I thought well, I could spray paint the thing and remove the wool once dry? Yay, of course lol, well, yeah, my house stunk of spray paint between 12am and 3am but hey, I slept well :/. Here’s the final result, which I have to admit, I am really pleased with!


Overall, Its a lovely piece, I will enjoy it hanging on my wall at home after the course ends, however, I cannot really justify it as a final piece, its a bit chaotic, very metallic looking and really, although it is abstract and cave arty, it just does not have the impact I was looking for. And yes, no actual colour! I do enjoy a little bit of Matisse in my work 🙂


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