Starting Year Two

Well, I cannot say I have had much of a summer break, it has been a hive of family activity and I will be glad to get back into study mode and out of ‘mum’ mode for a few hours a day!

I began this course unsure of where I was heading, I do not really fit into any select style of art. I have decided, after much deliberation, that it is better for me to become a Freelance Creative rather than try to streamline any one of my skills.

I up-cycle furniture

Sew custom clothing/ soft furnishings

Do interior design

and have a knack for party planning!

This summer is all about preparing for my Stepsons wedding on 16th September, whilst it is a budget and low key affair, it still needs an air of glam and romance, so I have been asked to decorate the hall at Longbridge Social club, especially for the occassion.

Given a few items made by other members of family, items selected by the bride & groom, and a ‘Chintzy’ Strawberries & cream tea theme, we have a theme of silver and white with accents and florals.

Here are some picture of fabrics already chosen and centrepieces I have made to compliment them:


Looking at different fillers for the empty Dowe Egberts coffee jars I have been hoarding, We decided to stick with one design rather than different to compliment each fabric. WP_20160828_16_43_31_Pro

With each jar being filled minimally with a turquoise craft material and a bunch of small stemmed white rose placed in each, I have used a french lace to decorate them outside and added a single silver feather to compliment the colour scheme, this ties in nicely with a simple country theme and also adds compliment to the two main fabrics which are duckegg/ aqua based florals.

As most of the fabric was bought, unused, from charity shops and the lace flowers and materials bought directly from French markets, the cost was  minimal to make.

The next job is to make table runners from the selected fabrics. Out comes the sewing machine for that part!

I have also achieved tissue paper pompoms which will be used as wall/ ceiling decorations, as the hall allows, along with paper bunting and garlands, kept simple with natural colours.


Keep posted for updates 🙂


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