Birth of Car Art: Response to brief

Monday 26th September In a one-to-one with Matt, my tutor, I discussed how I felt about Longbridge, The Light Festival and Life as a member of the Longbridge 'community'. Here is what I took away from the chat. Response to Brief Community, or rather lack of community based activities in the Longbridge area, is a … Continue reading Birth of Car Art: Response to brief


RESEARCH: Powers of Persuasion.

A sucessful campaign srategy will attract the relevent audience. condieration must be given to colour, imagery and layout. What message do I am to send, to who and how? So off to in the advertising world, I stumbled across an online collection of 25 of the most effective propaganda posters; compiled by Emlii , and I wanted … Continue reading RESEARCH: Powers of Persuasion.

WORKSHEET: Collage and Propaganda

Focusing on sexism and looking at propaganda, having visited the Women of Longbridge exhibition last year, and Industry, being as that is indeed what Longbridge is remembered for;  I took a collection of 2nd source posters portraying women at the fore, and racism/class too, then merged them using Coral Paintshop. I then used 1st source imagery, my own … Continue reading WORKSHEET: Collage and Propaganda