WORKSHEET: Collage and Propaganda

Focusing on sexism and looking at propaganda, having visited the Women of Longbridge exhibition last year, and Industry, being as that is indeed what Longbridge is remembered for;  I took a collection of 2nd source posters portraying women at the fore, and racism/class too, then merged them using Coral Paintshop. I then used 1st source imagery, my own abstract art and photography and added them into the mix to create the following collages.




This one I really find interesting, it has the dark and light, colour and contrast, the wording all set to the right showing how it was, industry a mans world women pushed to the background- with the left showing  how things are portrayed now, silently in the forefront we have conquered industry … we know our place? And the crossover picture too, that struggle will never end! I really enjoy the texture and grit in the fist image.

I used the image of Rosie the Riveter, from a propaganda poster dated 1943, Whilst they had decided against the usual – beauty on the job imagery, the still had an air of delicacy about the lady even in her mucky work outfit and sarnie in hand, She is portraying an industrial role within wartime, when women where invited to ‘help out the men by taking there places in the factory’ which is relevant to the brief, the wording is from a much older poster showing a more racist message, the wording however, seemed fitting, in that:

A it was still words from a ladies mouth,

B it has a class element with the use of improper English

C it still says, in a round about way – ‘girls can work hard too’, with an element of sarcastic satire that says ‘yeah its a GOOD job ‘cus its a MANS job’.

I am attempting to portray that even though Equal Rights and Womens Liberation are all the rage, the imagery is still very sexist even now, a pretty girl is rarely shown driving a digger for example, whilst a beautician is still very much expected to live up to the standards she herself sets.


Beyond that the class divide still exists, still its about whether you can talk the talk rather than walk the walk, most employers want employees who can be as capable in how they sell themselves rather than on how well they do a job. Internships are coming back to the fore, for those less able to communicate verbally or in writing, but still it is a ‘put on production’ rather than a natural way to conduct business.

Working with traditional paper and cut collage I also produced some more imagery:

wp_20161016_17_08_11_pro Left : Unfinished but playing with layout options, The aesthetics in this piece appeal, it has wording, which is I suppose a little dadaist, being as sexist/political under tones are displayed within the text, The image comprises of Photocopied cut outs from vintage posters and a printed photograph I took myself , of an engine, sliced and placed to distort the imagery whilst keeping its form in tact.






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