Birth of Car Art: Response to brief

Monday 26th September

In a one-to-one with Matt, my tutor, I discussed how I felt about Longbridge, The Light Festival and Life as a member of the Longbridge ‘community’. Here is what I took away from the chat.

Response to Brief

Community, or rather lack of community based activities in the Longbridge area, is a pressing issue for those of us who live locally. If I am honest, I am discouraged that the Art which LPAP  portray is far more suited to a more Art knowledgable audience rather than the men women and children who actually have homes here. Whilst it is great that the Longbridge Redevelopment creates jobs and commerce, it is actually not really benefiting those it should, with more and more people commuting or moving here because of the jobs created, and less people from Longbridge and its surrounds being employed.

I am sure I can help bring back some form of interest that the local dwellers may find appealing.

I will look to see how best to use Art to portray the need for more community activities in the Longbridge area, perhaps run off some questionnaires to see what the residents actually want to find.

Then I had a epiphany, just like that, I was perusing the web and looking at art and community ideas:

I looked at the Community Transport website, and I was in full appreciation, as well as a bit baffled as to why I had never heard of them before.  I thought ‘Hey yeah, wouldn’t it be great to have a Community art bus?’

An actual bus, that is obviously revamped to be a mobile art studio, maybe hold coffee mornings and such, fantastic, we could move round the neighbourhood, allowing easy access to all the locals, of all ages, and I stop. I know this is a lot of work, not to mention expense. The planning of this is a long term goal, perhaps 2 years overall from idea to up and running. which is great, because at least now I have a goal for my future plans!

So I began looking for Arty vehicles  & I saw this link  to Art bus & shelter Competition bang it hit me –  What if I bring a Rover, in fact one of the last Rover MGs to be produced before the factory was closed in 2005, and get the community to help me decorate it?

  • Why?

Well perhaps if it was the Rover Factory that originally held this Community together, just maybe, a Rover itself can help pull it back together? By using a Rover , as a centrepiece, show it in a new light, a happy, lighthearted, fun and socially engaging sort of way, I can help instill a little more interest in Longbridge Town Centre?

That and I suddenly thought, Blow me over, I actually HAVE a 2005 ROVER MG sat on my drive, with no hope of a future! Fated? Perhaps, but not to be sniffed at.

What to do:

  • Complete project brief & proposal and find other artists who have used this technique.
  • Contact the Light Festival organisers WERK  (message sent 11/10/16) directly to ensure they will allow the project.
  • Contact Longbridge Councillor Ian Cruise, to request his support.
  • Ask advice from other local community groups E.G. Longbridge Health & Community Centre and Northfield Arts Forum, ( NAF Meeting set & completed 10/11/16).
  • Approach Morrisons and Sainsburys Community workers, St Modwen, other Local stores & businesses for possible sponsorship or support.
  • Contact owners of car park/land to find suitable space to place vehicle.
  • Check restrictions of space, Eg, time limit.
  • Secure transport for vehicle both ways
  • Spread the word locally using word of mouth, social media and other platforms to form a group willing to participate.
  • Facebook free pages advert:
    Anyone in or around the Longbridge B31 area is enthusiastically invited to contact me directly should they wish to be involved in a community art project on the night of 22nd October 2016. There is no requirement for you to be a great drawer/painter or sculptor, just that you want to have a little fun while helping me create something a little different 🙂


Once the proposal has been assessed and granted approval all the team must work together to complete the community goal. It is necessary to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the plan and to know who will aid the venture. Once I have the foundation set there will still be a need to  gather materials and more hands to help make it a successful project. the deadline for completion is 22nd October 2016 which is the date of the Lighting Festival.

Information to research more fully :

Longbridge area action plan

Longbridge Area Action Plan Proposals Map

Wiki, art car


BMW Museum

John Baker’s Austinmemories





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