Business Plan:WORKSHEET: Higher Education & employment.

Making sure I am completely covered to complete my plans of Community  Car Art projects throughput the duration of the next year, I will be joining I expect to take out the 'Joint Artist and Arts Organiser £46' package, described below.   Perfect for artists who also need access to the unique Creative freelance insurance. … Continue reading Business Plan:WORKSHEET: Higher Education & employment.

RESEARCH: and Group discussions

First up : Gaga for Dada: The original art rebels. I enjoyed watching this video, I found it entertaining, informative and most of all engaging, so much so I watched it 3 times 😀 I discovered there was a lot more to Dada than weird collages, with it extending into broadcasting, poetry, art work … Continue reading RESEARCH: and Group discussions

WORKSHEET/IMPLEMENTATION: The Play Factory -Poster design.

  I have kept a thread going mostly this year, with the idea of community. This is my goal; To create a better sense of community in Longbridge. So I looked at some ideas: Creating illustrated posters as propaganda style advertisements As we already had to make some of these, in order to also fulfil Samantha … Continue reading WORKSHEET/IMPLEMENTATION: The Play Factory -Poster design.