WORKSHEET/IMPLEMENTATION: The Play Factory -Poster design.


I have kept a thread going mostly this year, with the idea of community. This is my goal; To create a better sense of community in Longbridge. So I looked at some ideas:

  • Creating illustrated posters as propaganda style advertisements

As we already had to make some of these, in order to also fulfil Samantha Williams, Artist in Residence, needs,it was good practise to start here.

A propaganda feel to the wording, implying your place is in line with everyone else, on the factory floor, which is the tiled backdrop. These are my own work from start to finish so I can honestly say I created them, which I like, I have digitally drawn imagery, altered photography  and assembled them 100% from scratch, which I am very proud of myself for!


  • And here are the final drafts:

As you can see I began again, taking individual components from the first designs, and fiddling with them, upon collaborating with Samantha Williams, she suggested a more suitable background, in essence one that was an actual factory floor, I tried several ways to create factory floors and was not happy with the results, so I moved my idea a little to look at the actual factory, the workers place overall and kept the wording simple, bold and very blatant. The blueprint design I ended up with was much more suited to Sams needs and so the poster was designed in both Landscape and Portrait styles for her to chose from. The images may also be printed for sale at the festival, and perhaps other events.

Final poster image :


Final Edit done by Coffee Pot Mim . Thank you 🙂

  • Using collage to redesign salvaged imagery from vintage adverts

I did this digitally, to help me gain experience, I can use Paintshop and I am getting much better, but a little more experience, never hurt anyone ; evidence is in Collage and Propaganda, as it turns out, this will be a good aid to have practised, having a place of the core panel of NAFZINE, the creator rather likes collage style imagery.

  • Promoting Community :

I looked at creating my own Logo, to use consistently in my work, promoting Community :


Photography is a skill I have, I am not a novice but I am not brilliant either, I am confident with a camera and the use of photoshop to create new imagery from my own sources. I really want a poster campaign that is relevant to Longbridge and my cause. Here are some mock ups I have put together.


In a one to one session with tutor Matthew Billington, it was suggested that I am too psychedelic or sombre in these endeavours, this is because I like colour lol, I cannot help being  bit Picasso or Matisse, I want my work to be individual and memorable. However I do see that  overall, I need more time to build my skills in this arena.

If I build up an advertising campaign, It would be to support a wish to create my own community group, in the meanwhile I will enjoy my new experiences that are coming from being a part of Northfield Arts Forum. Perhaps instead of attempting to begin from scratch it would be better to help NAF to get more notoriety and aid them to spread further, rather than possibly creating another divide, it amuses me that Longbridge could be the next arts Forum branch in which case it would be LAF 😀


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