Olek was born in 1978 in Ruda Śląska, Poland. She graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in 2000 with a degree in Cultural studies. While attending LaGuardia College in New York, Olek won the National Art’s Club Award for Sculpture. She began incorporating crocheting into her work in 2003 as part of a submission for the Williamsburg Arts and Historical Society Surrealist Fashion Show. Her pieces for the fashion show were a hit and ever since this early success, she has pushed the limit, crocheting practically everything in sight – Direct excerpt from Denda website article. Taken on 09/10/206

Having decided to use Car Art as my personal art project for execution & display at Longbridge Light Festival, I looked at other artists like Olek, background above, examples below:


Daily Mail article . Including her car and train, Olek has created some pretty awesome pieces, I identify with her style, as I have used my skills to revamp or upcycle almost everything that sits around to long and whilst I have yet to adorn actual people with my art, I fully understand why she does what she does. In the respect of Visual communication, Oleks’ message is clear, look at everything in a different way and it becomes something to be admired. It is also sometimes completely DADA in a way, a whole exhibition entitled, ( The following link will take you to an independent blog post telling all about this exhibition, I really did appreciate the writing style so I chose to save the link,  however, should you be concerned for what you might see, I suggest you do not follow it 🙂 )  ‘Knitting is for Pussies‘ Is definitely an eye opener of a show,  it really does have a wow factor, the impact is not even immediate in some of the pieces, its like, oh yeah, what a cool bit of crochet, oh wait, what does that say? And then its all too clear lol.

Her use of textiles, in particular wool and crochet, also appeals to me, being as I too use these mediums, however, I do not wish to be constrained to one specific media or art style, so whilst I will be enjoying watching her creations and drawing inspiration, overall from her art, it is not something I wish to pursue to the extent she does.  However it is a medium I can use within my Car-Art project. So she is on the list of influencing artists.

Whilst I also looked at Lady Pink  another New York based artist, using graffiti to spread her message, often working within community projects, this lady also has a style of her own and as Olek did, she pimped her ride with her own work:


Whilst I do not intend to use Spray paint, in order to ensure as many people as possible can participate in the project, I thought again this was pretty nifty. I do appreciate the way she works.

With a little more research I found that not only are ‘Cartists’ ( Car – Artists) quite common, but that there where events, competitions and exhibitions for them to participate in, and museums for the cars to reside in, pretty much anything goes too:


Above Fabian Oefner creates an ‘exploding car’ more info here.

Harrod Blank –

At the age of 16, Blank became embarrassed by the blandness of his all-white Volkswagen and painted a rooster on the driver’s door.  He never stopped decorating the car, which ultimately served as the springboard to his career in building Art Cars and documenting the Art Car movement.

Oh My God! attracted a great deal of attention among Art Car owners and aficionados and enabled Blank to unite them as a family of kindred spirits and feature them in his documentation.

Adorned with an ever-changing array of objects that express Blank’s individuality, Oh My God! is an example of an Art Car that can be regarded as a monument to its creator. – taken directly from website page on 11/10/16

Harrod, in a way became an accidental car artist, simply by filling a need at the time, he felt his car needed it own individuality and so 1 step at a time he slowly built her up :


Above Oh My God! 1965 Volkswagen Beetle
(1981 – Present)
Harrod Blank, Santa Cruz, California

Pretty amazing eh? Now Blank definitely is as eclectic as me, sticking to no medium he has allowed the car to become what it would be, and not only that but constantly amends it so it is always changing. Because of his use or objects, patterns, writing an pure chaos, this is exactly the sort of style I expect to produce with the help of the community .

Here is a link to the Art Car World Museum

And here is a compilation of other artists works, From LSD Magazine.

Then it really gets pretty interesting when we find that many well known artists such as Jeff Koons, designed an Art Car for BMW – and not only that but BMW have their own, Art Car exhibit within the museum. Unfortunately for me, the museum is a public transport ride away from Munich, not exactly a destination I can get to whilst the kids are in school :/ However, its definitely on my Bucket List- things to do before I hit 40! ( and yes I know I am 37 already haha).





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