WORKSHEET: Experimental Media – Pimp My?

If I wish to use a Rover MG and create car art, it occurred to me I would need a whole heap more experience with actually using media such as spray paints on metal and plastic designed for outdoor use.

Here, I am experimenting with other outdoor vehicles? Or rather reclaimed scooters and bikes, this is also to fulfil a need; These object were set for the skip before I salvaged them, although they require only a face lift in many of the cases, to see them back on track for a fine and dandy future with a new child. It is a big issue for me to help people in poverty, the items will probably be offered to those less able to afford new equipment for their children, especially with Christmas riding in fast.

First up, a tatty old ‘Disney Princess’ scooter, which has seen a few winters by the looks, the structure is sound although it needs new padding to the handle area, in places the stickers are peeling and  the imagery is mostly gone, so I am pimping it out, using whatever materials I have available to me, so as not to create further costs.

wp_20161020_11_48_02_pro                             Before          wp_20161020_11_48_08_pro

Below: First, i will need a base coat, this is just spray paint from £ store, nothing fancy. As you can see, the damage was bad on this one, I cleaned it up and sprayed the whole thing, with silver auto spray paint. I am not so great with spraying awkward objects, I have a few runs in places where it went on a little thick, whilst I was trying to reach into curves or lips. I need more practise but overall , she came up quite well, I am  definitely NOT ready to spray paint a car yet.




wp_20161020_12_35_32_pro           wp_20161020_13_03_52_pro            wp_20161020_13_48_20_prowp_20161020_12_20_06_pro

Knowing I had to replace handle bars padding as it was completely gone, I found some upholstery foam I had squirrelled away. I cut 2 pieces to fit around the end of the pipe, and then attached them using wool. As the plastic hood for the handlebar adjustment bolt was also damaged, I cut some extra foam and covered it as well, just to be sure there were no sharp edges to hurt anyone – I will add the adjustment bolt was very very tight, it wasn’t going to budge and rather than trying and damaging it, I left it be and covered it completely, obviously if it was going to be adjusted, care would have to be taken not to encase this part of the front arm.

wp_20161020_13_48_05_proI wanted to try yarn bombing anyway, so I proceeded to cover most of the handle bars and front arm to see what it looked like, my arms are aching a little from all the twisting  but the overall effect is quite nice, I wanted to add some crochet flowers, but this will have to wait as my hands are starting to cramp up :/ I may consider using fabric flowers as these will aggravate my joints less to make, or another media entirely – I need something to just finish the areas where the wool ends, to neaten the finish.




Found it! I Had some pretty mini roses in bunches, hiding in my craft stash 🙂


Now making tassels to finish handle ends and debating whether foot piece needs any more bling… and here are tassels in place.




The finish on the handle pieces was bothering me so I decided to crochet them for an overall neater look 🙂 And here it is all finished!



Total cost to tranform :

  • Scooter £0 – salvaged
  • Spray paint £3
  • Wool £2.50
  • Roses £3
  • Diamonte stick ons £1

Total ; £9.50

  • Total Time Taken 2.5 hours.






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