WORKSHEET: ‘Pimp my Rover MG ZS’ The Art Car.

A little historyRover MG ZS

The history of the MG ZS can be traced right back through the Rover 45 to the Rover 400 of 1995. Offering a ‘new’ car based on a six year old design would appear to have been suicide in modern terms. Offering a sporting model based upon the tweedy 45 further dented the MG ZS’ chances of success. As the centre tine in MG Rover’s three-pronged launch in June 2001 the ZS had its work cut out. Knives were sharpened as journalists pre-planned their savaging of the car yet when they emerged from the ZS on its press launch their faces betrayed a combination of bemusement and admiration. The ZS was enormous fun. There was no avoiding the fact. Two body styles were available, four-door saloon and five door hatch with a pair of engines; a 115bhp four-cylinder unit in the ZS120 and a 175bhp 2.5-litre V6 in the ZS180. Upspec ZS120+ models were also offered for those who hankered after a few extra creature comforts. Later in the year the 100bhp ZS CDTi diesel model was announced. In 2002 MG Rover began offering dealer approved LPG conversions on the ZR120 models. A major facelift was visited on the MG ZS in the Spring of 2004. The changes included, updates to the interiors but the major alterations were focused around the front end. A revised grille and twin lens headlamps were brought in as was an integrated splitter for the front bumper and a reshaped boot lip that curls up into a spoiler. The last models rolled from the production line in 2005 as MG Rover went bust. – Excerpt taken directly from RAC page link above, on 12/10/1016.

The specific reason for my choosing this car, is its exact relevance to the redevelopment of Longbridge into a Town Centre. The car is one of the very last to have “rolled from the production line in 2005 as MG Rover went bust”. With an 05 plate Rover MG ZS I really hope to help people shed the idea of Longbridge being a place where cars were made and recreate it as an enjoyable, social and interesting place to be.

Phase one: Ensuring project viability by approaching my target audience;

I started by talking to friends and family, who all nodded and exuded excitement at the proposal. Secondly I approached my tutors, followed by local community groups such as WERK and then members of local businesses or members of the public.

Overall I have had a massively positive response, every person I have explained the project to, has expressed a wish to see it happen, with a 100% support rate, I feel this project is not only viable, but that it will be a resounding success.

Phase Two: Ensuring Charitable Support;

Thus far I have secured:

  • Local business support – Abbey Signs, Longbridge – With them aiding in the artwork for the vehicle itself in exchange for advertising.
  • Press Release – Marketing at Bournville College- to advertise the event to a wider network , to increase my target audience and invite more people.
  • Advertising – Student Liason Office – to students across the board on Bournville Campus. Helping me reach people throughout college and not just in the obvious departments.
  • Photography – A fellow FdA CAP student – to take still imagery throughout the event, thus documenting the entire process. And possibly a Media student to record a video showing the whole evening beginning to end.
  • Mechanical support – having found two student mechanics who would like to make some lighting effects on the car.
  • At least 10 other people willing to come on the evening to help create the transformation from standard Rover MG ZS to Car Art.

Phase Three: Possible Materials List;

  1. Metal paints,
  2. Permanent markers
  3. Adornments to car, eg: flags, external ornaments.
  4. hard wearing materials such as wool, which will survive the elements.
  5. Sticker art
  6. Other safe media possible reclaimed or recycle items that will not degrade quickly.

Phase Four: The Exhibition/Project Date and Venue;

Longbridge Site; For best visual communication it is definitely required that the project take place within the Longbridge area, best placed on the grounds of the old Rover factory.

Initially the project was aimed to be executed at Longbridge Light Festival 2016, unfortunately at this late hour, there is no viable space available for which to proceed. However, having spoken with Stephen Burke and putting my proposal to WERK, they are willing to aid my cause but instead, move the date forward to the Christmas Fayre. This in some ways is more beneficial as it means I will have a better target audience, with more locals possibly in attendance, not in any derogatory way but external visitors to the Longbridge site may be less interested in the project than the community who have watched the fall of Longbridge Rover MG and the watched the consequent ‘rise’ redevelopment into the new Town Centre.

Phase Five: Research and Applications into Funding Opportunities;

  • WERK?
  • Crowdfunding?
  • Ongoing. Further possibilities.
  • Local business







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