IMPLEMENTATION: Making Community Car Art!

Whilst researching and looking into funding and collaboration options, I stumbled through the doors of many local businesses, to be shooed away or asked to call H.O, until I fell into the Abbey Signs shop, full of enthusiasm asking for a couple of nice stickers, in return for some advertising.

To my surprise, I found an Ex-Rover worker managing the shop, who was so impressed with my idea, he sent me out back to discuss my plan with his co worker, who just happened to be a professional Graffiti Artist! Now Kemster, as he likes to be known has done many a sweet job boasting to have done art work for Mini and a professional Leeds football player, on top of numerous other projects.

Kemster very kindly offered to come out and add some work to the car, in his own time, at no cost to myself, and not only that, but to bring along another local guy, in his crew to add some too.

I was only too excited to allow them the opportunity to add some style to the Rover Mg ZS and help me in my cause. We exchanged numbers and I asked them to give me a ring when they had a date to come along and get started. Initially, the proposal was that the car would be displayed at Longbridge Light Festival.

As this was not viable, it was late notice to put my proposal into WERK and unfortunately there was no space left available. When I spoke to Kemster yesterday and explained that if he felt he longer wished to be involved, owing that the venue and date of exhibitions might change, he insisted he would come along anyway, I still wanted to fulfil my brief, and he still wanted to help me. Having thought long and hard overnight we discussed it again this morning and as we both still wanted to see the project completed, we agreed to carry on with the art and worry about displaying her later.


The ultimate Car Art Session! 15/10/2016

Having the backing of Abbey Signs, Bristol Road South, B31 has really pushed the project into the fore, having secured two independent and well known, ( In graffiti circles), Local artists  to come make their mark to help ‘Pimp My Rover MG’ – Today they made good on their offer of help and turned up to get down to business! We all three collaborated on what style/design to use, I showed them some abstract stuff I was leaning towards and threw a colour scheme their way, lots of green to depict rebirth, I like it, with the black it certainly shows the demise and consequent rebirth  of Longbridge.

Other than that, I gave the guys free reign because, I want this to be less about what I dictate, and more about allowing people a chance to make their mark on the car, in that respect, I allowed them artistic license to spray it as they saw fit. In true Graffiti style, the guys went crazy and put in far more work than I expected 🙂

I am absolutely blown over,  their help in getting the car art started not being enough, I have also been offered Neon Lighting for inside the car to really help her Zing factor, I am currently debating the option. I am so grateful to have found a company that is willing to help me reach my goal of creating a new look for Longbridge, they have gone further than I asked and are still prepared to offer more.

Whilst initially I felt this needed to be about lots of people all making a single or small mark on the car, I have come to realise that working in collaboration with other artists and businesses, is worth just as much, I can accomplish more, more professionally, whilst still creating the very end product I wish to.

Having taxed the car to ensure her insurance is valid, I will hopefully secure a location to display her in, whilst I seek out more artists, groups and businesses to add to the ongoing project, she still requires mechanical work, and the interior would look awesome if I can complete the re-upholstery side. As my husband used to deal with car seats, he knows how to remove and refit them for such a purpose!

I have compiled a complete photographic diary of the events below, from begining to end, please enjoy the transformation as much as I did. 😀


The next phase is to look at upholstery designs and see if I can complete the interior myself, or whether to source someone more experienced, and to consider lighting options in and around the cars body. I also need to see if I can find help to complete the mechanical works she requires in order to get her back on the road, rather than worrying about possible damage to bodywork if we have to tow her often.

I will also be looking at alternate venues to show her off, perhaps I will look into the prospect of actually paying a car parking fee and displaying her in public car parks throughout Longbridge and its surrounds for short periods of times over a few weeks/months.

Stay tuned for updates!


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