Business Plan:WORKSHEET: Higher Education & employment.

Making sure I am completely covered to complete my plans of Community  Car Art projects throughput the duration of the next year, I will be joining


Perfect for artists who also need access to the unique Creative freelance insurance. Combining Artist and Arts organiser memberships giving you both sets of benefits including:

  • Public and Products Liability insurance for Artists
    Membership includes £5m Public and Products Liability (PPL) insurance and access to specialist insurance packages for artists. More on insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance for Arts organisers
    Access to a unique, competitively-priced Creative freelance insurance that covers the varied nature of freelance work in the visual arts giving £1m Professional indemnity and £5m Public and products liability cover for £98.48 annually. More on insurance
  • Other benefits
    Online community, resources, professional development, representation through AIR and research.
  • -Excerpt from webpage, link above, taken on 16/10/2016

As you can see this means that I will have not only access to wider networks, resources and research, but that I will be able to get Professional Indemnity at a competitive rate. Ensuring I locate Indemnity in the right context and from a company more experienced in the work of freelance creatives is important as it means there is less room for misinterpretation.

Low Cost Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance For Self-Employed Arts Professionals

Available to all UK (inc Channel Islands and Isle of Man) resident a-n Arts Organiser members, the Creative Freelance Insurance Policy provides £5m Public & Products Liability Insurance and £1m Professional Indemnity Insurance for a wide range of freelance activities for a fixed price.

This insurance runs annually from 1st December and the price you pay depends on the date you obtain the cover.

-Excerpt from webpage, link above, taken on 16/10/2016

The next step is to consider registering  as self employed, thus allowing me to accept commissions should the offer arise, it also allows me to produce my own art for sale. The question that remains is whether I should consider registering as a Sole Trader or start my own business?. I decided to register self employed but as a contracted out employee at present I have not yet needed to apply for sole trader status. As I do not actually wish to be an independent company working for others or competing with the community groups already out there, I will seek advice in whether I am best to register as a sole trader and independently work for them, in a charitable way.

I have no intention of heading into the community art sector and expecting to be getting paid, I understand it is highly likely most of my work will be completed on a charitable basis, but as the need arises for me to consider selling my work or services privately, I must lay the foundations that this may happen without hiccups or last minute paperwork.


Heres is a compilation of links for various research into possible future courses. Feel free to use any of the links or message me if you have seen something you think I might have missed 🙂


Art and Design: Interdisciplinary Practices – MA

Fine Art – MA

Arts and Project Management – MA

Textile Design (Printed Textiles and Surface Design) – BA (Hons)


Funding options: –  Account accepted but not yet used. – Researched but unsure if this is an option I wish to consider.

Turning Point West Midlands

Volunteer/Involvement opportunities – Part of WERK  – Contact made, hopeful of support in future endeveavours.

WERK and LPAP have now disbanded but having built positive relationships with several of the artists affiliated I am hopeful opportunities will arise in the future. Please see Collective A, #CommunityCollective. as this is relevant to LPAP.

Northfield Arts Forum – Contact made, work experience opportunities offered, now contracted employee, please see full blog through link.

It transpired that I accidentally bumped into the Deputy Head of Wolverhampton School of Art and thus, I have attended my portfolio interview , been offered and accepted entry to Level 6 BA (Hons) Applied Arts in Sept 2017.

During the course of the year I was also asked to consider becoming a visiting lecturer/ guest speaker, this prompted further questions, for the purpose of my business plan I looked into paid roles along these lines, jobs which I could work pro-rata or around my community endeavours allowing a secure and sustainable income whilst I am still gaining experience in the relevant fields, the following are links to jobs available at the present date, I am not necessarily qualified enough yet to consider them at present but for research I have saved these links for insight into what pay rates I could expect so that I may be as honest as possible in projecting figures and targets for the plan.

I have also consulted a business consultant to aid me in compiling the information, I have written the basis of the business plan but was uncertain in how to display the projection of figures within charts/tables. I see no valid reason to attempt a business plan without sourcing relevant information and recruiting the necessary people in order that it be as professional as possible whilst still maintaining my own wording and research data,  I was taught how to compile an hourly rate and projected hours theory into a coherent graph which would give adequate information, without losing the will to live or negating it completely.

If I look to find a sustainable income base which I can build upon, allowing me to complete my BA(Hons) & possibly MA and still be able to manage community work on the side this is the goal.




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