Pride of Longbridge.

I spoke to Gemma Cartwright of POL via Facebook and over the telephone , on Saturday 28/11/2016  –

Here is their story, taken directly from the FB page :

”Pride Of Longbridge started in 2006 to mark the closure of MG Rover. Over the past seven years the event has got bigger and better.

A great chance for the community, enthusiasts, ex and now present work force to come together and celebrate the great that came out of Longbridge.

I could never of believed back in 06 how POL would grow. I have made many great partnerships and pleased to say Austin Federation help organise the event along side Rover Community Action Trust that have funded the event

Cofton Park
United Kingdom

Gemma Cartwright ( POL Organizer )

Big thanks to Steve Turner (Owner/Admin and Running POL Facebook Group)
POL2006 ”

Awaiting confirmation from Steve Turner in order to be accepted into the group 🙂

28/10/2016 : Myself and Gemma discussed my project and it appears I will be able to display the Art Car at the annual POL Meet @ Cofton Park, Gemma is now going to communicate with Olly at NAF to see if they can help raise awareness and possible fundraising options. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE: 17/11/2016:

I met with Gemma Cartwright from Pride of Longbridge today as arranged on Sunday 13th November, after it transpired that my Pimp my Rover MG project may actually be clashing with a community project of their own, I was worried that they would be unable to support me and my project if they were doing something similar.
I am pleased to say that POL are merely aiming another community art project for funding targeting the same audience which I would require, I would of course lose the interest of possible backers, given that they are mostly members of the POL group and their allegiance and trust would automatically pass to them over myself, an emerging student artist with a dream and not a lot of evidence to back up my  plan.  POL therefore cannot support me with my own public funding campaign and run their own simultaneously.
Gemma has given me the contact details of the people I need to email to gain support for my own car art project from other angles and has stated I can still exhibit the car at Pride Of Longbridge on 15th April 2017. It is also possible that I may be able to play an active role in their own project, which is to restore/ replace the Mini on Longbridge Island for permanent display, after its removal owing to damage,  the reason behind this project was nothing to do with me and uninfluenced by what I was doing, merely coincidental timing. We discussed the mini restoration project along with Stuart Whipps; the original restoration artist who I was advised by Samantha Williams, my mentor and Artist in residence at Bournville College to meet with and discuss my own project project.  Gemma has offered me an introduction to Stuart so that I may progress my research, having not received a response from my request to Stephen Burke of LPAP for a formal introduction, I felt is wise to accept her offer.
She has also explained that I can run community workshops and possibly become part of the POL community network itself. We are going to meet again in 2/3 weeks to discuss the future and my involvement with the group & community, with the dded bonus that I may be able to support other students. We are also going to meet Oliver from Northfield Arts Forum to discuss the possibility of my running a further extension to the Arts Forum network, in Longbridge.
I am far more at ease with the situation now and feel I have an active future within my local community and I am very excited that I may be able to benefit other artists in the process. I am very thankful for the support and input I received from my mentor and Artist in Residence at Bournviille, Samantha Williams, it has been an incredible value to myself and my development to be able to discuss my ideas with an experienced and like minded artist.
So, I am back to emailing for support and pimping plans for the cars interior,  Gemma has stated that, car on or off road, will get a place at Pride of Longbridge for exhibition – even if we have to drag it there! I am re-energised in my motivation to ensure it is ready for display 🙂



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