Research: Fabrics & colour 

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How did WW2 have an effect on Fashion in the 1940s by Emmanuel Castro on Prezifabric-1940-e.jpg
Looking at WW2 fabric design, to allow visual memory of Austin Rovers shadow factory, whilst keeping the car colourful and interesting. although the colours shown are quite muted, they all are busy and solid enough in colour to all work towards great aesthetics. I rather like images numbered 15 and 17 as they remind me of a poppy imagery, as the poppy is widely known as a remembrance flower its likely its place within the car will have a striking effect on the visual communication aspect.
If this is the case the interior will be trimmed using red and black, to keep the theme simple and striking.
The other option is to create a patchwork design and incorporate several different materials, this is appealing on a personal level and also allows more reclaimed fabrics to be used rather than possibly paying for large quantities of one fabric, its also a point to make that scarcity of fabric during the war would be reflected in the design use.

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