Research, Pimping the car interior.

Here s a compilation of links and such relevant to my needs, I need to consider a lot of factors when pimping the inside of the Art Car, colours, materials, paints, overall aesthetic, contrast, imagery the list is endless.

I went to see what I could find on custom car interiors :  the staff at Ace Customs say :

Where is car interior customisation heading in the future?

The limits of interior customisation are endless and in this futuristic age with modern technology and some amazing products on offer, you can install just about anything inside your car. Some of the installation options are massaging seats, televisions, satellite radio, surround sound, bar fridges, soft leather, champagne holders and much more can be installed in your car.

If you have the money, the space and of course access to the expertise and mad skills like the interior gurus at Ace Customs, all of these dreams can become a reality.

Direct from Webpage, accessed 02/11/2016.

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Whilst I do not have the Money, the space or the access to the expertise and mad skills from the gurus at Ace Customs, I do have passion, drive and equally mad creative abilities, I am pretty sure I can do the cars interior 😀

Firstly I want to be sure on techniques which may be used, I am currently looking at seating options.

Published on 29 Sep 2015

How to re-upholster a car seat, John Hunt accessed 02/11/16 car seat upholstery –Uploaded on 26 Jul 2010 i’m learning how to reupholster my own seats a integra gsr seat.  mrjavza accessed 02/11/16

The other option is to spray them, I will look into this more later, I did watch a couple of tutorials last night but haven’t found one that is honestly informative enough, so I am still looking for a video which will show more experience with the media, rather than the trial and errors I have seen.

I also looked at patchwork designs, this produced slip or loose cover imagery like this one:


SOLD OUT > Patchwork Car Seat / Cushion Pad | ..:: Kedai Cadar …

and this one :
Index of /wp-content/uploads/2015/01/

www.cadarmurah.com650 × 446Search by image

patchwork-for-car-carseat2.jpg …
Honestly , I prefer the second picture, the fabric looks fitted to a high standard and far less like someone through a quilt across the seats, the result is clean, high quality and professional looking, the upside to creating fitted slip covers is that it would allow for design changes in the future also it has another appeal in that they would be removable to wash should the need arise. It would also be a far easier and faster job than that of re-upholstery.

Overall I am pretty confident I could reupholster/cover the seats but will discuss the project with Bonita at Bournville to see if any of the sewing students need experience and would like to participate in the make over as well as approaching the members of the community with my open invitation. I do not wish to execute the interior solo, unless it is necessary to do so, as this would exclude the community aspect to the project.

 Other links I have watched for other parts of the car:

Dashboard :

Uploaded on 7 Feb 2012 – How To Recover A Dashboard – Vinyl, Leather

TheCousinDan shows you how to recover a dashboard with new vinyl. Restore old cars and trucks with this handy skill! accessed 02/11/16

interior trims: How to Paint Plastic Trim in Your Car Quickly Just Us

Published on 12 Oct 2014

This is done without sanding, primer, and clear coat. Just a quick way to touch up your interior and make it look good. accessed 02/11/2016

Door panels :

 Published on 18 Aug 2015

How to upholster a door panel using vinyl and closed cell foam. Filmed inside T&R Upholstery-Bodyworks in Kingman Arizona. T & R Upholstery & Body Works  accessed 02/11/2016

Steering wheel: 

Uploaded on 14 Mar 2010

mr steering- fitting instruction for steering wheel cover accessed 02/11/2016

Wheels : How to Paint the Wheels on your Car ChrisFix

Published on 19 Dec 2015

Learn how to paint your wheels on your car properly so it looks amazing and lasts a long time! I go though the 5 main steps to paint your rims any color you want. accessed 01/11/16

and 2 tone: Easy Way To Customize Wheels with Spray Paint – 2 Tone Finish on Civic Stock Wheels S King

Published on 13 Dec 2012


Lighting? To Install Car Interior LED Lights

Published on 12 Oct 2015

This video will help walk you through the process of installing your LEDGlow 4pc 7 Color Interior LED Lighting Kit to the interior of your car. accessed 02/11/2016


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