Textile Experiments.

Having now decided to stick with the original plan, that being car art, only instead of the whole car I will just display a portion of the car instead of the entire thing. For my needs, using the interior seats the best option, this way I can use the end of year exhibition to display … Continue reading Textile Experiments.


Alternative FMPs

Could I create imagery that represents the history and future of Longbridge? There were many options open to me at this point. I could change my project completely, throw caution to the wind and begin a totally new project whilst still planning and executing ‘Pimp my Rover MG’ independently. I chose not to dismiss the idea … Continue reading Alternative FMPs

Research – Stuart Whipps.

http://newartwm.org/stuart-whipps-and-the-longbridge-public-art-project/ http://www.lpap.info/artistsinresidence/stuart-whipps Stuart Whipps, an artist much of the same age as me, obviously with a similar outlook on the current state of Longbridge and its relationship to its historical past. This artist took a 1979 Mini and deconstructed it, rebuilt it back to its former glory, received a high level of acclaim for his project, … Continue reading Research – Stuart Whipps.