Research – Stuart Whipps.

Stuart Whipps, an artist much of the same age as me, obviously with a similar outlook on the current state of Longbridge and its relationship to its historical past.

This artist took a 1979 Mini and deconstructed it, rebuilt it back to its former glory, received a high level of acclaim for his project, including an invitation to become a part of British Art Show #8 , there being a 5 year interval between shows. This man rose above his abilities, inviting mechanics to aid him restore the vehicle to its former glory, having little mechanical knowledge himself. He documented the entire process throughout, even succeeded in becoming an artist in residence with a small glass hut provided in the Longbridge are car park for him to complete his project in whilst allowing the general public to feel a part of it. I admire the strength and focus that he had to complete this project. He too took a big bite out of the dreaded apple and sucked up all the venom held within. He threw himself headlong into a momentous project unsure of exactly what would happen. Stuart also has immense documentation regarding the history of Longbridge, interviews, historical records, photographs etc. I really want to meet this man and discuss everything, why did he do it? was he in the same weird place I was? Was it driven by something else? so many questions to ask and ponder over. I am awaiting a formal introduction and will be chasing this ASAP. I really feel that Stuart can help me in understanding just where I need to focus my attention, what exactly I am doing wrong if anything and how he feels about my project. There may be room for collaboration and this is a big part of my project, I desire the input of other artists passionate about the history and future of Longbridge. What better way could there possibly be, to ensure this projects success, than by inviting him into my project?


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