Print Experiments

An initial etching workshop inspired me to attempt a print of an image related to my project. At this point it was a serious consideration to produce something entirely away from applied art, yet still related to my project in some way. I created an etched image onto a perspex  rectangle, I found the process enjoyable although very long winded. It was much easier to complete than a lino cutting and I will definitely be trying the technique again in the future.


As you can see the results are striking, I did 4 in total , ranging from Simple illustrative imagery with very little french ink used, detail but no real depth , right through to thicker ink distribution showing murky,emotional imagery, shadows and contrast in the darker imagery really allow a sense of atmosphere.

The idea was to show an image of a car, in the Shadow Factory tunnels, I traced the imagery, the car was taken from a photgraph of a vehicle left out on the streets, vandalised by graffiti artists but now claimed as any ones own work, I found the idea of the disowned, shoddy vehicle, left to rot where it stood and then made beautiful by local artists to be particularly poignant with respect to my Rover topic. The emblem on the car door is that of the Rover Shadow factory.  All the image sources are noted in the studio within my Longbridge research file.

Did you spot my MAJOR mistake? The car in the image is looking like  a Rolls-Royce! Okay, I did not think this through, it was an evolving image, and more for experimentation, but in the interest of explaining my mistake as a deliberate act:

‘I chose the image of a Rolls-Royce within the Rover Shadow Factory Tunnels as a way to pay homage to the U.K Shadow Factories as a whole and also mark the fact that the British car industry is still alive, the memory of Rover will be still be held by many but the car making talent has not left the UK.

I am depicting imagery in a narrative form to honour these large car manufacturing factories who helped us most through the war in ways we may never have imagined, not only providing ammunition’s, planes, tanks, vehicles and other items that made it possible for us to successfully stand fast against invading forces but also providing safe havens and heavily fortified underground bunkers in order that we might survive should shelter be required.  They also provided women with the stepping stones into the women’s liberation movements. Rolls-Royce, like Rover, also spans a timeline of over a century , with it also being affiliated with BMW, this helps tie the message in with my Car Art project, as BMW have a Car Art Museum.’

I hope I successfully wriggled outta that accidental crossing of subject matters :/

Regardless I am pleased with the imagery produced, it was worth the effort I put in, ( including the 25 minutes spent researching and explaining away my mistake as deliberate), The overall effects are visually strong communications of my message, I will be attempting the print onto a selection of fabric in order to see if it is viable to use within the interior of the vehicle.



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