Group Exhibition: What is my FMP?


My car art piece seems set as a personal project, working with Pride of Longbridge I will ensure the completion of my project, in that the car will be displayed at POL in April 2017. After this point the car may be taken to the Northfield Carnival with NAF should they wish to pursue community car art. The vehicle is off road, requires repairs and is basically only fit for scrap on account of its value being far less than the repair bill. I am saddened that the project is not likely to fulfill my initial brief in that the work is completed collaboratively, however, the show must and will go on, whatever happens the art will evolve to the stage.

I am now helping Samantha Williams, artist in residence, with another community art project funded by LPAP, this will start 21st February and continue for 5/6 weeks ending in another exhibition/display of work.

Both these things are necessary to my career in community arts, however they do not define me as an artist, they are merely a means to an end, if I wish to find employment, paid or unpaid, for the future. It is vital I keep my finger on the pulse that is the art world around me.

Seeing this years gallery space hit me like a spotty elephant with a guitar.  There is not an easy way to get interior of a car into the space,  the space is far smaller than last year, shared with a fully functioning trading shop with goods in and realistically I am taking up a lot of room suggesting I take car seats in as an installation piece. Now the interior of the vehicle is not really necessary to pimp, and that I have had to revise the plan with the exterior, which now needs stripping and starting again, the idea of pimping the inside is futile as it takes up far too much time and leaves little time for the exterior to be completed. Deep within me I feel unease and need to focus on what I can actually display in the group exhibition.

This is my last project for the FdA,  my last chance to show off my art in a group setting, with my classmates and to be proud of my art,  I am an Applied Artist. This means, inherently, I choose to make everything beautiful. In any way that is necessary or available I pimp, make over, do up, beautify and create, for no other reason than the joy of doing it. So this is what I need to show.

The need to make something individual, which reflects me and what I do is driving me forward, to show that my capabilities extend to a farther reaching point. Artists I see may confuse or inspire me, I see creativity and free thinking and I want to be that kind of artist. I do not want to be put in a box so that I am seen to be a creator of car art or community art. I want to create what I feel needs to be created, as and when I feel inspired to.

In all honesty, I don’t want to create another piece for the group exhibition, I have energy and passion for trying new things and seeking out a better more interesting way to show how the world can be beautiful with just a little time and patience and my car art shows that. It display art really is for all, that it is not anything more than another way to look at something. I am now looking hard at my options and what I truly feel needs to be in that store front in priory square, what I want the general public, how it defines me as an artist and what exactly the message is I wish to convey.





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