Art Evolves – Collaboration with Anna Timmington.


On account of my suddenly finding me talent, I am a tiny bit obsessed with the creation of mandalas or ‘happy art’ as I prefer to name it. I love that it is infectious, it spreads, never ending almost, a little like my determination. I am currently in liaisons with Bournville College/SCCB management to create a whole wall worth of wonderfulness. Next meeting 18th May 2017.

Currently the plan is to ‘dress’ up the prominent wall within the communal space on the 5th floor, within the HE center. It’s a rather large wall:


Upon this wall, I have placed a mandala I drew, it is just shy of A3 size and printed onto acetate, as we were looking at the effects of leaving the yellow paint as is and applying the work directly to the top. as you can see it interacts with the yellow beautifully, it provides a solid warm colour base for the mandala ‘accent’ without the harshness of a white background.

I am working with Anna Timmington as her project is to redesign the space, on account of our projects overlapping collaboration became an option, and thus in this endeavor we have joined forces to create the space in a more person friendly way. In the interests of testing out all the possibilities with regards to the wall we are looking at the effects we can get combining factors.


Above is the result of two quick experiments on canvas, now in truth the canvas is a poor relative of the wall, it is not really conducive to how the wall will turn out but in a round about way it relates, I will explain in a minute.

The image directly below is a canvas upon which I rubbed in 5 colours of Holi Powder, for two reasons, the 1st being I wanted to see how strong the colour was on canvas, the powder was left dry, tipped onto the canvas and then spread by hand and rubbed into the canvas, I needed an understated background that still had colour, contrast and interest. It is nigh on impossible to put mandala art over a fussy background without creating an eye sore. The second reason was to see how the use of several colours, blended softly would change the visual of the mandala itself. Overall the effect is definitely something I will be taking further, more on that in a minute.


The second canvas, we blocked out with black acrylic paint then using white uni posca pen, I drew over the top. The contrast is amazing however the school blackboard feel is overwhelming, it is quite dark and perhaps uninviting and needs a genuine research session to determine if people would want such stark contrast in a ‘chill’ zone.


We also looked at whether we wanted a large freeflow dsign or if we could incorporate Anna’s initial mosaic wall into the design:

So, looking at the time it took to create A3 pieces on this scale, I would have to consider using the larger design scales I am using on the Art Car:

WP_20170210_006We discussed the possibility of working the MG Logo or something ROVER/AUSTIN, although it is still up for formal negotiation, we prefer the natural mandala design, purely as although the history is relevant within the college area, we do not feel it is necessary to incorporate it in what we are trying to present as a chill out area, we are not looking to inspire a deep conversation of the areas history, but instead to recreate the space as a place to reflect, relax and enjoy.

Then I gained the biggest canvas ever:

WP_20170302_004 Big? A bit of an understatement perhaps, anyways I thought hey wall art- big canvas yay, so the plan is to create a rainbow mandala on this blank canvas, hence I bought holi powder, any excuse for rainbows!

I do not want to paint the canvas as I don’t want a thick or intrusive base to work upon, plus paint has the ability to scratch or smudge whilst I am working on it with pen. the powder has the ability to create a colour wash which does not intrude on my drawing upon the canvas once complete and it should, I hope, blend seamlessly. The desired outcome will be a very large version of the smaller taster piece shown earlier, which will be taken to the management meeting to show an idea of the scale to which I will be working on the wall but also provide another option – we could simply display a large piece upon the wall. This allows for periodic replacement of art in the future without repainting a huge wall.

The use of colour behind mandala can have a really striking effect, but it can also go hideously wrong so the balance must be right in order to attain the required outcome, harsh or strong colour can detract from the mandala and create conflict, this is not the aim as we want to provide a relaxing space with interest rather than a full on sensory overload.

8th March: So today the canvas got started, here’s some imagery of the ongoing art in progress, starting with the application of the Holi powder to the canvas creating a rainbow colour base on which to work. This proved a little more awkward than I expected as it was too harsh when rubbed in :/ I am unsure why it worked on the smaller one and not the larger, maybe because the larger canvas had been primed with PVA glue prior to the start and hence was less giving to the powder application? Regardless, I had to alter the application process and used a sort of ‘rug beating’ technique to move the chalky dust around the canvas so as to subdue the colour, keep the spread even and create a smoother transition between colours. It killed my arms this canvas is about 5ft x 3ft lol, it was worth it for the end result but I had some fun hiking it up and down into different positions to get a better angle to beat it from or encourage powder in a different direction! Its almost done as you can see, but still a few hours left til completion! More pictures on way and some video clips, just waiting on them getting to me 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Although this project is not complete, Anna displayed her Interior design worksheets as her FMP in the Group exhibition with a mandala design imposed onto her feature wall, I will add this mandala design is not of my creation but for the purposes of how we intend to proceed its relevant to show.



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