Collective A, #CommunityCollective.

I was invited to work in a small group with Samantha Williams, Artist in Residence after she had been enlisted by LPAP on account of her success with her project for Longbridge Light Festival ‘The Play Factory’.


Samantha was looking for a team of 5 to support her with a community based project and I was really pleased that she approached me. The project initially looked a little daunting and in all honesty I wasnt sure if I hadn’t bitten off more than I could chew, with having my own FMP & Final term of FdA to complete. I was not put off and just went with the flow and I am very pleased I did!

The project is less collaboration and more co-creation, as it transpired the team consists of Samantha, myself and three others, Jen Perks, Isaac Pete and Mary Nocher. The first official session of 5 was a bit daunting, owing to my having been absent for the initial intris and pep talk. I got in a little flustered and cautiously found my feet, I need not have worried at all, the team is pleasant, focused, supportive and naturally communicative.

The idea that Samantha put to us was that we all put our brains into one pot and shake up some ideas for projects we could execute, over the five sessions the intention was to at least have 1 definite project and if we couldn’t action it at the time, to look at how to launch it in the future. As it went the group is so coherent together, within the first session we stumbled upon a project that was manageable to implement and used the second session to finalize details for project launch on Sat 11th march, the plan for the project to run across week 3 and use week 4 to collate results and create exhibition worthy art from it by the 5th session on Tues 28th March 2017, on thus day we would invite the participants to the viewing where we will implement further community art production with them in an interactive way.   The results thus far have proved better than we thought and I cant wait to collate it all 😊 Getting our heads together Gallery of the process & execution of the CollectiveA Project:

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Overall the whole project was a huge success, as you can see the interative exhibition went down well. The ‘Artists’ participated and completed every task and mostly took the craziness on their chins. The turn out was a lot better than we thought, having trips/workshops scheduled on the same day impacted our invited guest list which was a blow, however we still had an amazing turnout of about 20 people.

The project was totally whacky, I am pretty sure people will remember it for a while to come! It’s not everyday you get squash and biscuits and a party hat at an art exhibition.


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