Pride of Longbridge, Community car art,

It is finally here, the hour is close, just 10 days until Pride of Longbridge.

Support : Northfield Arts Forum are on board with the project,

Location : POL have upheld their offer and accepted the performance of car art on the day.

Artist involvement: NAF have put out invitations to other artists who may wish to get involved in the final production, I have spoken to Oliver Armstrong who has confirmed he will bring a tent to provide shelter in case the weather is off, Celia Smith, another NAF volunteer is willing to stand by myself on the day!

Transport : I have secured transportation of the vehicle to and from site on the day via another member of POL. She will arrive on site on 15th April, Pride of Longbridge runs 10-4pm.


One blanked out car, pimped as far as I can get her!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sharpies and collie markers, along with uni posca pens as this is most suited to the task, easy to remove if necessary and non restrictive to those who wish to be involved.

For later use, clear varnish to seal in any non permanent work.

Need to confirm:

Advertising of the event. – Advert out ! 5/4/17 Via FB and twitter

Filming/photography of the work taking place.  – Being photographed, unsure on possibility of video. – No video could be secured.



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