Pride of Longbridge.

I spoke to Gemma Cartwright of POL via Facebook and over the telephone , on Saturday 28/11/2016  - Here is their story, taken directly from the FB page : ''Pride Of Longbridge started in 2006 to mark the closure of MG Rover. Over the past seven years the event has got bigger and better. A great … Continue reading Pride of Longbridge.


WORKSHEET: ‘Pimp my Rover MG ZS’ The Art Car.

A little history : Rover MG ZS The history of the MG ZS can be traced right back through the Rover 45 to the Rover 400 of 1995. Offering a 'new' car based on a six year old design would appear to have been suicide in modern terms. Offering a sporting model based upon the tweedy … Continue reading WORKSHEET: ‘Pimp my Rover MG ZS’ The Art Car.

WORKSHEET/IMPLEMENTATION: The Play Factory -Poster design.

  I have kept a thread going mostly this year, with the idea of community. This is my goal; To create a better sense of community in Longbridge. So I looked at some ideas: Creating illustrated posters as propaganda style advertisements As we already had to make some of these, in order to also fulfil Samantha … Continue reading WORKSHEET/IMPLEMENTATION: The Play Factory -Poster design.