Social engagement and health research - accessed 07.02.2018 Social engagement is associated with better cognition at age 50 Posted on 2nd December 2016 Dr Rosa Sancho, Head of Research at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said: “Studying people over extended periods of time can provide valuable insight into how lifestyle factors are associated with people’s health. It’s interesting to see social engagement … Continue reading Social engagement and health research


CastleCroft Residential.

Abstract. Firstly this workshops was borne because of certain factors: I was running a textile group for Northfield Arts Forum. which was insufficiently participated in, it was mostly on account of poor access to the space allotted. One of my attendees, put me in touch with CastleCroft, they had accessible space and facilities, including a designated activities … Continue reading CastleCroft Residential.

Evidence – Work Experience.

Screen shots, older blogs and relevant documents to support work experience evidence over two years. These are a mixed bag but relevant. Naf'Stuff - Work Experience. Work Exp: HE Student forum. Screenprints evidence. Henna Art Facebook Artists Page My Website Twitter Screenprints evidence College talk (Recovered) LPAP RESEARCH: and Group discussions College open evening Festiv_Alt Exhibition options. … Continue reading Evidence – Work Experience.

Research – Stuart Whipps. Stuart Whipps, an artist much of the same age as me, obviously with a similar outlook on the current state of Longbridge and its relationship to its historical past. This artist took a 1979 Mini and deconstructed it, rebuilt it back to its former glory, received a high level of acclaim for his project, … Continue reading Research – Stuart Whipps.

Research: Fabrics & colour  Prezi1339 × 1161Search by image How did WW2 have an effect on Fashion in the 1940s by Emmanuel Castro on Prezi Looking at WW2 fabric design, to allow visual memory of Austin Rovers shadow factory, whilst keeping the car colourful and interesting. although the colours shown are quite muted, they all are busy and solid enough … Continue reading Research: Fabrics & colour

Business Plan:WORKSHEET: Higher Education & employment.

Making sure I am completely covered to complete my plans of Community  Car Art projects throughput the duration of the next year, I will be joining I expect to take out the 'Joint Artist and Arts Organiser £46' package, described below.   Perfect for artists who also need access to the unique Creative freelance insurance. … Continue reading Business Plan:WORKSHEET: Higher Education & employment.

RESEARCH: and Group discussions

First up : Gaga for Dada: The original art rebels. I enjoyed watching this video, I found it entertaining, informative and most of all engaging, so much so I watched it 3 times 😀 I discovered there was a lot more to Dada than weird collages, with it extending into broadcasting, poetry, art work … Continue reading RESEARCH: and Group discussions

WORKSHEET: Collage and Propaganda

Focusing on sexism and looking at propaganda, having visited the Women of Longbridge exhibition last year, and Industry, being as that is indeed what Longbridge is remembered for;  I took a collection of 2nd source posters portraying women at the fore, and racism/class too, then merged them using Coral Paintshop. I then used 1st source imagery, my own … Continue reading WORKSHEET: Collage and Propaganda