Naf’Stuff – Work Experience.

Pictures From the last NAFCafe Northfield 27/4/17 - This month we had a takeover hosted by the Home Ed group. they used the evening to showcase their latest project on WW2. It was a huge success and we clocked up over 120 bodies on the clickers! I was parked on the sketchers table having some … Continue reading Naf’Stuff – Work Experience.


WORKSHEET/IMPLEMENTATION: The Play Factory -Poster design.

  I have kept a thread going mostly this year, with the idea of community. This is my goal; To create a better sense of community in Longbridge. So I looked at some ideas: Creating illustrated posters as propaganda style advertisements As we already had to make some of these, in orderĀ to also fulfil Samantha … Continue reading WORKSHEET/IMPLEMENTATION: The Play Factory -Poster design.