New Horizons: Space

I have previously explored NASA’s New Horizons project, as it was aptly named the same as the module. Looking into the history of Visual Communication and the changes through the centuries, leaps and bounds in equipment/production and technology have shaped the world into what we see today. But what will we see tomorrow?

For me, the next move for Mankind, is to move our presence more into Space. Whilst Earth is still our home, plans to  Journey to Mars are well underway, taking not only people, but tents in which they may attempt to grow crops and sustain life whilst there.

massive advances see projects such as Anti-Matter Spaceships & the International Space Station, not only succeed but endure – then this week, it was announced that NASA  believe they are capable of making postage stamp size ‘SpaceChips‘ which could reach pluto in as little as 20 years. The speed at which technology is moving, showing us colonisation and light speed travel are potentially only a few generations away, it makes me think how we got here?

Great minds, thinking outside of the box, showing an ability to evolve not only there own learning but also, the technology that surrounds them. Is A.I. as intelligence that far away?

A keen understanding of Mathmatics, Science and Natural law help to achieve breakthrough and aid progression, throughout history studying natural occuring growth and phenomenon, we see patterns emerge and start to piece the puzzle together.

Several artists have not only explored math in itself, but then applied it into their art:

The Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion – widely accepted as used by Dali and Le Corbusier

It is implied that other artists such as DaVinci used it in there works too, however in deeper research findings it was found to be more an ideal or concept rather than anything that was adhered to.

Gunta Stolz who I discussed previously, not only applied art into her tapestries and weaving but also used maths to plot her desgins, as I am sure many still do – when creting patterns, or decided on layout, we all, possibly without thinking look to create an aesthetically pleasing outcome to our work. A balance prehaps? Looking into maths at work in the naturl world, I see plantlife, animals, neurons in the brain, basically everything even down to DNA uses math to communicate its intentions, Golden ratio, geometry, fractal patterns, symetry and asymetry too, patterns all around us every day, an order in what should be chaos?

I am looking at space and order, natural order, communication of that order dictates the use of Maths, in my view, the only language that is understood by everyone on Earth, we are all taught that 2 +2 = 4 and that resonates deeply.

So Maths as art? Can it be done is not a question, its already applied, regularly, with the use of patterns, alignment, shapes, forms, even overall aesthetics, colours are balanced or used to negate one another, Matisse used colour a little like Math, perhaps substituting algebraic equasions for solid bold colours and allowing them to dance in there own equation.

Can I show maths within my piece, can I use the natural occuring patterns in both ourselves and Space and Earth to embody the chaotic order that we know as law, that by the very nature of the chaos theory we find our brains able to communicate at a far higher level than if the connections were ordered?  That equally order has a place, bringing beauty such as nebula and galaxies, plantlife, animal prints…..

Images like these pop up and I collect them,


plantlife images :

and  earthly images:

and then images from the human brain-


What would happen if I pieced them altogether?


A human head, the chaotic fractal pattern of the branches of neuron connections, the Eagle Galaxy and the Egg Nebula, creating a rather futuristic looking face which reminds me quite a lot of Edward Munch’s ‘The Scream’ ?


Overall thoughts? I love it! now to go make it with paint, natural materials and stitch. 🙂  I will also attempt to get a geometric pattern into this as well, but thats pie in the sky right now.