Beyond the Book. Dot/Dash.

Here in this portfolio, is a compilation of research, analysis, practical experiments and a general overview of progress to date.

Directly below are documents pertaining to the module.

Practical CAP Module Overview

Suggested Research Weblinks

Initial response to brief – Beyond the book- Dot Dash

Poetry – Beyond the Book, Dot Dash.

Beyond the book Morse code

Design and Market Research analysis

Market Research Responses

Revised Response to Brief


The FESTIV_ALT 2015_Birmingham


  1. Below : A caricature sketch of hands in my sketch book, I opted to use watercolours and create a simple image of praying hands emerging from the inside of an open book, this became ‘Prayers – Beyond the book’ I think it would suit as an illustrative piece  but I did not wish to produce a flat image for a final piece, so this idea was shelved and I moved forward.

IMG-20151203-WA0003 IMG-20151204-WA00022. Below: Exploring dot/dash in digital formation. Possible printing images, for use on fabrics/book covers or canvas.

My favourite piece to come out of these experiments is below, I call it Mechanics and Movement, I think it would make a beautifully contemporary book cover :

This completely digital piece was created by myself. I wanted to create a piece showing life in motion, whilst incorporating the theme Dot/Dash. It is a firm contender as a possible submission, at least in my mind, to We Love Books competition 2016. I am still looking at ways to present it.

3. Nest of light : Exploring paper rolling and light techniques, this is a strong piece and displays contemporary qualities, its application for decorative and art purposes is fulfilled well and I am confident this is an acceptable choice as final piece. It also incorporates the Dot/Dash theme, which allows it to be a contender for the competition, however I am leaning more to its use as a final piece.

exploring paper rolling and light techniques, this is a strong piece and displays contemporary qualities, its application for decorative and art purposes is fulfilled well and I am confident this is an acceptable choice as final piece.

WP_20151207_19_08_56_Pro WP_20151207_19_41_53_Pro

Above : Two further images showing bare product lay on flat surface and hanging without lights.

4. I experimented a little further with paper rolling techniques and applications and produced a small scale birdcage:

Exploring Paper rolling techniques and applications. The scale was too small to work with this any further but I am confident the technique was sound and that a bigger scale model would have potential as a decorative piece. Time does not allow further work on this idea.

I am confident the technique was sound and that a bigger scale model would have potential as a decorative piece. Time does not allow further work on this idea.

5. While I was here I also covered a clear glass vase with paper mache –

Paper mache covered vase, exploring uses of paper mache and practising application. Overall a decorative effect which will become an item used decoratively in my home.

I later used this as a base in order to experiment with wet paper and its potential when creating items such as clothing. It creates a more natural effect, without the usual stiffness of paper folding techniques, I used watered down ink to soak my pages as I wanted a bolder look to the finished piece and felt the natural book page colour was a bit drab. The result is shown below:

WP_20160105_16_20_35_Pro WP_20160105_16_20_48_Pro WP_20160105_16_20_57_Pro

I also used a plastic cup to mould  pot shape out of the same wet paper batch :


Below : Several pictures showing the mounting & trimming of postcards in preparation for Festiv_Alt. I chose several of my digital pieces, and photocopies of my Lino tree print and my sketch ‘Erotica, beyond the book’ as images for my postcards, I also helped to mount and cut out the selections of others, Shown in this Picture is a collection of Tom Emz work also, (under the ruler). More detail on blog post :Festiv_Alt


6. Below : Recycling – Beyond the book.

This idea to create a piece made from rolled paper evolved quite rapidly into a large contemporary piece, it took a total of two complete books to make and eventually I had to mount it onto a canvas I painted out, in order to give it strength and durability. Below is the process of its making and an alternative hanging.  Again it incorporates the Dot/Dash theme, and overall this piece is a solid contender for a Final piece. For more details please see the blog post: Recycling -Beyond the Book

7. Artists Book – Untitled.

I took the finished piece ‘ Recycling -beyond the book’ to the photocopier, to see what effects I could get – the results were quite striking and inspired me to take 2 further quilling pieces to the copier too. I gained a large amount of imagery and used them to fill my book I created in the book binding session : Below is a picture of the book I created in the binding session, and a selection of the images I placed within.

It worked out that, again accidentally, I did manage to produce an Artists Book of my own, not only that, but also to make it bold, colourful and full of shapes and forms, just like the works of Matisse.

8. WP_20151202_14_31_51_Pro

The two pieces shown above :

A Matisse inspired piece in background , which is still rather too ‘pretty’ to be given serious consideration as a final piece.

The second piece, a paper mache covered tree branch, however, is a much stronger and more contemporary piece. The cascading diamonds and blossoms, add interest and I am confident I can finish the piece in time for the deadline. Below is a gallery of photographs showing the process and stages of the development for both pieces. For more information please see blog : Love – Beyond the Book

WP_20151202_11_20_31_Pro WP_20151202_10_50_28_Pro WP_20151202_10_50_24_Pro WP_20151202_11_06_21_Pro WP_20151112_21_14_01_Pro WP_20151112_21_13_57_ProWP_20151116_11_30_52_ProWP_20151116_11_30_59_ProWP_20151118_001WP_20151118_11_26_38_Pro

As you can see I did attempt to create my own tree branch from scratch, however, It was very stiff and unrealistic and knowing the project had a deadline in just 7 weeks, I opted to discard the idea and simply strip and cover an actual tree branch, this provided a more realistic and balanced piece.

9. Below: a sketch idea for paper mache tree and another idea for using the diamonds and flowers in a photography piece:



10. Above: Origami diamonds and flowers made up this hanging piece, for use in the photography shoot, unfortunately the weight became a problem and so the individual diamonds are now hanging from my paper mache tree and the flowers reused, I opted out of the photo shoot as time constraints did not allow exploration further in this area.

11. Untitled: Another piece came out of the above project, quite accidentally, as I mistakenly produced several more flowers and diamonds from differing book pages, the colour difference was obvious and I chose to reuse the discoloured book pages for their own piece:


Overall it has a subtle, striking appearance and I find it an enjoyable, understated exploration of Love – Beyond the book.

12. Paparazzi:

Continuing with Origami, I created a modular star using folded book pages, books pages or media used to portray a ‘star’ hence the title Paparazzi:

WP_20151209_11_23_07_ProIt can be seen just below the lit ‘nest’ in this image, as you can see the scale is fairly small and it proved most difficult to increase the scale and I resigned the idea as a good practise piece, the initial experiment was looking for cheap and relatively easy pieces for sale at Festiv_Alt, unfortunately the time allowed was not sufficient to make these on a mass scale as an individual.


13. Shadowplay : Above & below- This section is me experimenting with lighting effects on quilling pieces, the experiment began while I was quilling and noticed the lighting of the room, having two different sources, made the shadow effects on the paper – I explored further with use of my camera but no physical piece, beyond the photography,  exists from this experiment.

More quilling/ paper rolling designs and experiments:


/these quilling birds, ended up mounted on a backing board I had used in an ink marbling experiment to see what dot/dash effects I could produce using this media :

WP_20160111_10_47_08_Pro another quilling piece is shown here : WP_20160111_10_48_48_ProWP_20151130_001WP_20151130_002





14. Right: Experimenting further with Poetry I have written my poem ‘Beyond the book’ onto a photocopy of a charcoal stretch of a tree. The tree plays a big part in this project as I followed the logic –  a books roots lie in the tree.




15. Tree; Below: I created a lino print with this same tree design :


16. Exploring with Matisse : Above – a Charcoal sketch created with Matisse in mind, it allows the flow of strange shapes and ideas, below is a selection of Matisse prints I looked at for research purposes:


Jazz - Matisse
Jazz – Matisse
Jazz - Matisse
Jazz – Matisse  :     Jazz – Is an artists book created by Henri Matisse. I found the colours, shapes and form to be invigorating and inspiring, however I have not yet found time to explore the possibility of creating a book along these lines for the project. I did sketch a few of Matisse’s designs in my sketch book though, and create a few odd ones of my own :



WP_20151130_09_41_08_Pro WP_20151130_09_40_45_Pro WP_20151130_09_40_20_Pro WP_20151130_09_40_52_Pro WP_20151130_09_40_37_Pro WP_20151130_09_41_04_Pro

17. The Juggler & Untitled; Below: I also created a couple of larger pieces :


More information is available in my blogposts : Artist book ideas & More Research

The first of which is made from photocopied book pages which I enlarged to A3 and cut out. The second is a much brighter, bolder and Matisse inspired piece which, I created using acrylic paint on paper, I allowed the paint to dry then cut out the shape of the Juggler, His juggling balls were created using acrylic paint which was rolled thinly and then I placed paper on top and sketched a design onto the back of the paper in order to transfer the design to the painted side. I then cut out the shapes required.

18. Below; Is a collection of charcoal sketches from my sketchbooks, depicting imagery I found to be linked to the project, some simply for more drawing practise and others for idea notation. I did a few sketches of people including – Erotica beyond the book,


As I found the female form a good starting point for perspective and form when practising.

19. Van Gogh; Below:

Van Gogh.
Van Gogh. Inspired me to produce a Lino print of the above image. The texture of the picture is made up of Lines and splodges ( dots and dashes) I wanted to see if I could recreate the texture more fully. The lino prints came out well and below is a selection of the results :

WP_20151130_09_38_36_Pro WP_20151130_09_39_05_Pro WP_20151130_09_38_49_Pro

More information can be found in my blogpost : Lino Printing and more results can be seen on the wall in my hut.

20. Lino Prints; Below: I also tried a different lino print approach using my poetry :

WP_20151130_09_38_13_Pro WP_20151130_09_38_08_Pro

Whilst the experiment was not a huge success, It did create some enjoyable results, which are documented further in my blog.

21. Papercuts & Self Harm

Papercuts print
Papercuts print


Papercuts life
Papercuts original; Above: Inspired by the thought that paper cuts hurt, I went about reseaarching into some self harm imagery and a way to portray the sadness inside becoming pain on the outside. Again using my own poetry, I decided to create the piece above, which was then scanned into the pc and printed out onto cotton fabric. Below are some images that I found while researching in this area :

More information in my blog – Papercuts – Evolves.

A paper folding experiment, unfortunately damaged beyond repair. I was unhappy with the quality and overall effect of the piece , I did find the effect of oil pastels to be pleasant on the book pages though.


22. Morse code :


Here is some experimentation with dots and dashes – (A poem written in Morse Code is available as a document attached to the beginning of this Portfolio). WP_20151117_00123. Below:  is a gallery of primary source photography. Each picture was taken by myself for research purposes, I looked around me for examples of Dot/Dash :

WP_20151203_12_17_56_Pro WP_20151203_12_17_59_Pro WP_20151203_12_18_04_Pro WP_20151203_12_19_19_Pro WP_20151203_13_30_35_ProWP_20151203_12_22_58_ProWP_20151203_12_23_21_ProWP_20151203_12_23_52_ProWP_20151203_12_24_15_ProWP_20151203_12_24_40_ProWP_20151203_12_24_58_ProWP_20151203_12_25_23_ProWP_20151203_12_25_43_ProWP_20151203_12_25_59_ProWP_20151203_12_26_16_ProWP_20151203_13_30_17_Prohappispirit - WIN_20150916_044505happispirit - WIN_20150916_044520happispirit - WIN_20150916_044635happispirit - WIN_20150916_044751happispirit - WIN_20150916_045038happispirit - WIN_20150916_045105happispirit - WIN_20150916_045123happispirit - WIN_20150916_045144happispirit - WIN_20150916_051653WP_20151023_14_27_30_ProWP_20151023_14_28_09_ProWP_20151023_14_30_11_ProWP_20151023_14_34_27_ProWP_20151023_14_34_38_ProWP_20151023_14_35_03_Pro

24. Below: I also experimented with book cutting –


The image, above of a hole inside a book was originally intended as a base in which to stand the tree branch in item 8. However, the balance was off and the branch kept falling, the branch is actually real under the paper mache and in its very nature a danger if someone where to be struck or the protrusions poked someone.

Time constraints meant that I eventually conceded that Health and Safety required a firmer hold on the branch , so a Clamp from the photography studio to hold it more securely, was an obvious choice. With no other purpose being obvious for this project idea, I did not pursue its use in other areas.

WP_20151118_13_52_36_Pro WP_20151119_09_26_52_Pro WP_20151119_09_58_37_Pro

Above: A scandal in Bohemia was cut out to create a tree shape, I used the trace for my Tree lino print, unfortunately the effect was not striking enough to pursue further.

25. Below: Whilst collecting up some offcuts I took the following pictures which inspired me to begin a paper mache 3D head in the inner over of a book cover. This piece is unfinished at present and as paper mache in such a layered amount, takes so long to dry, the idea has not progressed further as yet.

WP_20151119_11_55_04_Pro WP_20151119_13_26_35_Pro

WP_20151114_22_22_23_Pro 26. Above; Beyond the book – Home attempt at book binding, before the announcement of a tutorial session I decided to attempt my own book, this was an experiment to see if I could create an artistic way to display my poem, however, it lacked body and presence and I left this idea alone. The imagery below depicts stages of the process.

WP_20151114_22_09_01_Pro WP_20151114_22_14_22_Pro WP_20151114_22_27_21_Pro

27. Below; The Moth diaries :  this piece was created from mini origami books , moths and an attempt to create a book of my own. As a prototype I was really pleased with this piece and would have liked to have found the time to have created it on a larger scale and in a neater manner. It does however have the unkempt feel of books forgotten and left to be moth food. WP_20151113_22_21_13_Pro

Below : stages of making the Moth diaries, more info in blog post : The Moth Diaries

28. Initially we were lead in a book art session to create a book art piece of our own. Here are some images of the art I produced and the process: WP_20151112_16_00_15_Pro

WP_20151112_004 WP_20151112_003

Below are some images that I found interesting whilst I researched into Book art and its applications by other artists:

images (2) images (4) IMG_0728 ai_weiwei_and_fake_studio_working_progress_01images (6)

More in depth research and analysis on these images, ( above and below) is included in my blogpost Artist book ideas

Cecilia Levy
Cecilia Levy


Cecilia Levy
Cecilia Levy

29. Below – Two poetry pieces, written and placed on original design digital art I created in Photoshop. Beyond the book is as much about words as it is about the paper. these are 2 of 4-5 poems I wrote with this project in mind.

Traces of me


And here as a footnote, is a link to my last post for this module :

A Last minute piece. Or two….

A few odd stragglers that never made it into previous blogposts, for one reason or another.



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