Community – Pimp My Rover MG ZS

Displaying the course of Year two Fda CAP projects –

Visual Studies 2, Creative Influences, ECAP, MPAP AND PDAP.

All modules are relevant to display here as my FMP was born during Visual Studies & Creative Influences (Oct 2016), proposed in ECAP (Jan 2017), Implemented in MPAP (March 2017) & is likely relevant to PDAP (May 2017).

For easiest recording purposes I have noted everything in reverse order starting from the present date and going back to September 2017. In order to follow the project in its natural order start at the end of this page and work upwards to the top.

I hope you enjoy following the ups, downs and sideways steps this project has taken and apologize sincerely that whilst it is displayed as coherently as possible it is difficult to separate some parts into a specific module as many overlap.

Please find the majority of my professional activity recorded in the link below showing project management/ work experience:Evidence – Work Experience. I also have provided hard copy research folders where necessary in order to interact more fully with data use offline evidence or protect more private information e.g: invoices.

Phase 6 – PDAP : Group Exhibition.  Private view 11th May 2017 runs 12th-26th May 2017.

PDAP: Professional Development AP Module Handbook 201617

G.Shelton. Five Year Business Plan. PDAP

G.Shelton income projection. 5 yr business plan

Alternate scenario income projection 5 yr business plan.

Cohesion FdA CAP Exhibition. 2017.

Prior exhibition research

Previous exhibition – Interpretations.

Peer Assessment Form georgie – Marie evaluating my project

Marie Peer Assessment Form – My evaluation of Marie’s project.

Phase 5 –  Car Art in practice. Pride of Longbridge, Community car art,

Complete MG Exhibition at Pride Of Longbridge, 15th April 2017;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

20/3/17: Northfield Arts Forum have now agreed to aid me with the car art, offering a place to site the car so its more accessible to those who want to be involved. Very excited!

Collaboration with Anna Timmington redesigning a wall for interior design in Higher Education suite. Towards Annas FMP.

Art Evolves – Collaboration with Anna Timmington.

Meetings scheduled and project continues after course end, I am very excited to be working with senior management teams @ Bournville & SCCB.

Working with Samantha Williams under LPAP

Collective A, #CommunityCollective.

FMP Group Exhibition at Priory Square May 2017.

Phase 4 – MPAP : Further Art implementation

MPAP: Major Project AP Module Handbook 201617

MPAP Report – G.Shelton. FINAL – A hard copy is provided but for ease of link usage a digital copy has been left here.

Everything has evolved, I find it is important to go with the flow and adapt to change so expect a bit of something else in these links. Car art and community and just Art!

Local Photography

The Gas Hall. BMAG.

Mandala and Mindfulness

Just Art. A slideshow.

Work Experience – NAF  involvement: On Monday 13th March. Here I created a mandala border for their new community gardens wall piece, they wanted a freeflow border so that they could add garden related info upon the board:

I am also getting involved in NAFs creation of Edible gardens within the Northfield area, All things I do with NAF are posted publicly upon my FB Artist Page

And my own new website is here: which I am still working on as a more professional platform.

Also on board with Samantha Williams in a new venture with LPAP.

Phase 3 – ECAP Other considerations

Its has been discussed quite substantially and I have come to the conclusion that a separate piece of work may be required for the group exhibition. It is proving to be a very tiring thought as to how I would display a full size real car within a gallery space, realistically it is not a feasible option.

Related posts:

Group Exhibition: What is my FMP?

Print Experments

Textile Experiments.

Research – Stuart Whipps.

Work Experience and opportunities:

It has been an important part of this module to stay in touch with POL and NAF alike. I have met with them on several occasions, attended NAF events as a volunteer, joined NAF at meetings and the communication is ongoing. NAF are offering many opportunities for me to be a part of their group along with the chance to start the Longbridge Arts Forum this year. I will be meeting with POL early this year to confirm my role within their group.

PROGRESSION: Northfield Arts Forum

Phase 2Funding & Support –

Overall , whilst funding was never really a goal, this has proved the most taxing of all the tasks thus far. After a lot of explaining my project, rejections and confusion.

I have finally found sincere support from Pride of Longbridge. they are fully supporting me by allowing exhibition of the vehicle at POL events. This means that I am 100% able to display her at Pride of Longbridge 2017 as my Final Major Project Exhibition, in time for completion of my last module so that it will show on record when this module is marked.

Northfield Arts Forum have also proven that I am valued in their community by taking me on as a part of their team and offering me the chance to display the car at Northfield Carnival in summer 2017.

Phase 1 –  Project Proposal & research

Having decided my Final Major Project will be the completion of a community car art piece, which I began during the last project but had to delay, this final year will be about completing the project and exhibiting the car at Pride of Longbridge 2017.

Having begun the first phase, that being graffiti art to the exterior of the vehicle, it is necessary to know how I got this far, below are a series of links to relevant blogs, which explain where I am to date.

Birth of Car Art: Response to brief

WORKSHEET: Experimental Media – Pimp My?

WORKSHEET: ‘Pimp my Rover MG ZS’ The Art Car.


RESEARCH: The Shadow Factory

Pride of Longbridge.

PROGRESSION: A fork in the road

Research, Pimping the car interior.

Research: Fabrics & colour

RESEARCH: Powers of Persuasion.

Longbridge Redevelopment.



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