Powers of Persuasion

A ‘Live’ project to create art relevant to Longbridge and its history, whilst working towards creating art for Longbridge Light Festival  & Supporting Samantha Williams with her production of the Play Factory.

Module Handbooks:

Module Handbook Visual Studies 2

Creative Influences Module Handbook

Relevant reading:


Longbridge Light Festival


Samantha Williams-festivalresidency-proposal

Longbridge Light Festival – Artist in Residence – Sam Williams

Longbridge area action plan

Longbridge Area Action Plan Proposals Map


My written tasks:

Visual Studies 2: Project brief

Creative Influences: Proposal: Pimp My Rover MG

Creative Influences: Essay: Matisse In Mind – a physical copy of this document is available in my file – creatively produced, as an article in a newsletter/journal. Please enjoy.

Related Posts:

Starting Year Two

RESEARCH: Powers of Persuasion.

WORKSHEET: Collage and Propaganda

WORKSHEET/IMPLEMENTATION:The Play Factory -Poster design.


Birth of Car Art: Response to brief

PROGRESSION: Northfield Arts Forum POST

RESEARCH: The Shadow Factory

WORKSHEET: Experimental Media – Pimp My?

WORKSHEET: ‘Pimp my Rover MG ZS’ The Art Car.

RESEARCH: and Group discussions

IMPLEMENTATION: Making Community Car Art!

WORKSHEET: Higher Education & Freelance.

PROGRESSION: A fork in the road

Pride of Longbridge.


Facebook Artists Page

Twitter : @georgieoddsocks

Pinterest: Georgiegirl Oddsocks


As this project is over spilling into the next module I think it unwise to separate the next series of blogs, therefore the next blogs are from 31st November 2016 through til completion.

Following on:

Job Applications Experience.

Research, Pimping the car interior.

Research: Fabrics & colour















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